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Ad Placement offers the following ad spaces. These ad rates are introductory and may increase.

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Q: What is the minimum ad subscription that I can avail?
A: Minimum of one (1) Week. Ad Placements start on Mondays.

Q: How much is the cost for Ad-Placement in

A: P50.00 / day

Q: What are the Ad Location?
A: Below is the locations for the ad space on Please refer on the previous answers for the prices.

Website Layout

Q: How will I know that a certain user viewed my ad?
A: We can send you a generated report via email (as requested).

Q: How can I pay for my Ad?
A: We prefer PayPal Payments but thinking that we can also receive payments through Metrobank Deposits.

Q: How much visitors does your site normally have?
A: Based on the statistics from Google Analytics, there are around 2000-5000 page views per week.

Site Views per Month for year 2017 (via StatCounter)

*Depending on certain events or seasons, visitors may increase or decrease.
Payment first before your ads will be displayed.