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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Things You Don't Know About Kalanggaman Island

Christian, a blogger who has been to Kalanggaman Island, identified 10 things you don't know about the island. He has been there a few times and tried an overnight stay at the island. He truly is one explorer since he discovered secrets of the island.

This was based from his blog post: 10 Secrets of Kalanggaman Island You Need To Know. Now to reveal Kalanggaman Island’s secrets:

1) The wild side of the island.
There is a specie of flightless birds that are crawling around the island. Nobody has identified it but it sure looks like a bigger version of the quail. Does anyone know these species? Please write your comments.

A fruit tree found in Kalanggaman Island. (Credits to TheBisdakExplorer)

2) The hidden patch of heaven.
The other side of the island is sometimes missed since most of the visitors only check out the bigger and the most photographed sandbar. The sand from the other side seems to be similar to the powdery sands of Boracay.

The path towards the other side of the island

Powdery white sand from the other side (Credits to TheBisdakExplorer) 
3) An unexpected sanctuary for your faith.
If you feel like praying, there is a small chapel located at the heart of the island. This is chapel is already new as the old one was washed away during typhoon Yolanda.

The Chapel at the heart of the Island

4) The secluded (and the longest) sandbar in the other side.
The other side of the island was once a long stretch of sandbar, but during the shifting of the currents, it changed. Typhoon Yolanda was also responsible why this long stretch of sand was diminished.

The other side of the Island.

5) It is a pink island, sometimes.
Kalanggaman Island can sometimes turn pink in some time of the year. This happens when large concentration of dead red coral skeletons are washed into the shore and gets mixed with the sand.
Sometimes, Kalanggaman Island turns pink at the right moment. (Credits to TheBisdakExplorer)

6) The sandbar is not what you think it is.
Yep, dead coral skeletons are responsible for the powdery white sand in Kalanggaman Island. You are stepping on to dead things on the ground.

Dead corals & shells make up most of Kalanggaman. (Credits to TheBisdakExplorer)

7) Some magical moments happen after sundown.
If you have a chance to be in Kalanggaman Island during sunset, be prepared to get your trusty camera. This is where the magic happens.

The Magic Happens after Sundown (Credits to TheBisdakExplorer)
Glowing waters of Kalanggaman Island (Credits to TheBisdakExplorer)

8) The different activities the island has to offer.
Other than kayak and the stand up paddling activities, you can try scuba diving and snorkeling. Make sure you check out which part of the island has stronger currents and better avoid it.
Other exciting activities within the island (Credits to TheBisdakExplorer)
9) The tempting crystal clear water that is hard to resist.
So clear that you can see the bottom of the sea. But keep in mind, the water can be shallow for a few feet, then gets very deep instantly. Make sure that there is someone with you or watching over you while taking a dip and going far.
Tempted yet?
The tempting crystal clear waters of Kalanggaman Island
10) The most ideal time to get a picture perfect of the flawless beauty of the island.
Although the island itself is beautiful 24/7, there is a surefire way that you can capture the best of it. The best time would be a around 5:30 to 6:30. So make sure you have your best camera during that time.
The famous angle of Kalanggaman Island
The famous angle of Kalanggaman Island
Christian (TheBisdakExplorer) in Kalanggaman Island

You can visit Christian’s blog here: TheBisdakExplorer *Credits to Christian for the pictures.


  1. These photos are amazing, what camera you use, such as night scenes look photoshop :)

  2. Interesting post with amazing photos to company. Thank you and keep sharing